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Martin Anderson

Martin Anderson

With nearly two decades of experience, Martin Anderson is one of Colorado’s most trusted agents—and for good reason. Though a San Francisco native, Martin was drawn to Colorado’s stunning nature and tight-knit community feel, making the move to Boulder to pursue his MBA at CU’s Leeds School of Business.

It was here Martin first discovered his passion for real estate. After earning degrees in finance and real estate, Martin began working with residential properties in Denver, Boulder, and everywhere in between. Martin has been serving the area ever since, selling over $80 million worth of homes since 2002.

Martin’s comprehensive knowledge of the communities he serves and the industry as a whole allows him to guide a wide array of clients. No matter what geographic area or price range you’re working in, Martin is confident that he can help you through the process. Martin brings an extensive skillset to the table and knows how to navigate everything from a buyer trying to land a home that has multiple offers to a seller who’s trying to sell their home as efficiently as possible. As a Certified Negotiating Expert, he is an excellent communicator and advocate for clients, especially when it comes to the financial side of things.

In addition to his technical savvy, Martin brings kindness and humanity to every interaction. He doesn’t view real estate as purely financial—rather, he understands that it’s a deeply personal and emotional journey and treats it as such. Martin’s favorite part of the job is being able to help his clients through one of the most important decisions in their lives. His background as a managing broker, a job that included mentoring newer agents, also taught him to take an educational approach to real estate. He’s committed to teaching and empowering his clients, helping them come up with creative solutions.

When Martin isn’t working, you can often find him golfing or spending time with his wife Shelli and two Jack Russell Terriers. Favorite activities include traveling, getting involved with Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and exploring the local culinary scene.

A good agent shouldn’t be put in a “geographic box” and enjoys working with a wide range of clients.

Shelli Anderson

Shelli Anderson

Passionate. Honest. Caring. These are just three words frequently used to describe Colorado agent Shelli Anderson. A Denver native, Shelli has an encyclopedic knowledge of the area. Whether you’re looking for the cutest coffee shops in Berkely or the best parks in Baker, Shelli can act as your guide. In addition to her familiarity with the region, her enthusiasm for Denver is unmatched, and she loves introducing people to the community’s vibrant mix of classic charm and refreshingly modern vigor.

Shelli’s introduction to real estate came in the form of owning and running a boutique landscaping company, where she worked to develop beautiful and unique yards for her clients. After 25 years, Shelli decided to sell the company to pursue other goals, including completing a professional culinary program. A few years later, Shelli decided to get back into real estate—this time as an agent alongside her husband of 11 years.

Though Shelli enjoys working with a wide range of clients, she is particularly skilled at helping those who are interested in more upscale properties and luxury estates. Her extensive background in landscaping, as well as her attention to detail and natural eye for design, allows her to help craft truly jaw-dropping gardens and outdoor spaces.

Shelli’s warm personality and optimistic attitude ensure everyone she works with feels comfortable and taken care of, and her creative strategies are proven to help her clients find properties that are right for them.

In her free time, Shelli enjoys gardening, training for half-marathons, and spending time with her husband Martin and two Jack Russell Terriers. Favorite activities include getting involved with Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art, throwing dinner parties, and eating tacos at their gorgeous modern home in Mexico.

  • Douglas

    “The nature of moving is stressful and Martin removes the real estate portion of that process. He shepherds the process and in our recent deal.”

  • Caroline

    “Martin insightful guidance helped me from getting stressed out by the process. He is a smart person with a wealth of knowledge and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

  • Danielle

    “I was a first-time buyer and Martin was able to easily walk me through each and everything I would need to buy my wonderful home.”

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